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It is completely free. You just need to make sure to have the advertisements throughout the campaign in order to start earning every month depending on campaign’s duration.
You can register on Rodeo’s portal and thereafter download the app from Google Play Store for campaign management. Every campaign will be published in our app.
As a Rodeo Rider, you will be given a certain KPI to achieve. The KPI is measured based on mileage and it varies for every campaign.
Priority is given to high mileage drivers.
We are open to any vehicle model/maker of any color as long it is year 2009 onwards to be on-board. However, client will make the selection for their campaigns.
We do accept bicycles, motorcycles, cars and lorries to join us as well.
We advise our drivers to consult and speak with your insurers before agreeing to have the adverts applied. Every insurer has different policies, rules and requirements when it comes to displaying adverts on cars.
It defers in every campaign as it depends on the size and type of advert which applies on your car. It is a set amount paid per month and it depends on the mileage as every campaign has KPI to achieve. Rodeo drivers need to ensure to switch ‘ON’ in the app to their mileage measured every month. You can keep track on every earning from in the app.
We collect your bank details on the day of installation. The payments are then made into your account via bank transfer at the end of each month. However before we release payment, the drivers need to make sure to take a short video of his/her vehicle as to show “proof of ad”. The video can be shared via our email or Whatsapp where a number will be given during installation.
It is very simple, if you do not switch ‘ON’ the app, you are not complying with the requirements and we are not in position to make any payments. So as a Rodeo driver, you need to make a point to switch ‘ON’ the Rodeo app the moment you are on the road.
Every campaign published in our app as a Rodeo driver, you have every right to either accept or reject. Please note to not reject all campaigns and be picky as it might affect your ratings.
Of course, you can edit and change your details in the portal.
We use high-quality vinyl designed to be used temporarily. If at all your vehicles are original factory standard paint, it will not affect the paintwork. In some cases, the vehicles have a low-cost re-paint or cosmetic repair – the sticker can indeed affect the paintwork.
We do not give any guarantee for neither of them mentioned above.
We always ask our drivers to have their car washed the day before installation appointment. Applying the ad to a clean and smooth surface helps provide a better quality detailing work.
The installation typically will take anywhere within 45 minutes – 2 hours depending on the car’s size and shape.
Rodeo’s average campaign varies from 1 – 3 months.
Of course, Rodeo is a platform which allows you to earn more than the norm. For example, we have Outreach and Guerrilla Convoy where a group of drivers will meet, park at a pre-selected location for a period of time and do convoy trips. You will be paid for your time and it is completely optional whether or not you decide to participate.
The takeover will last a minimum of an hour.
The moment you meet in an accident, it is your obligation to inform us as we need to get replacement for our client. You also need to remove the advertisements from your vehicles as to avoid the brand getting tarnished.
You are only allowed to remove the advertisement from your vehicle once the campaign ends. If you were to remove the advertisement without our approval, you are infringing the rules and regulations. You will not receive payment and you will be blacklisted.
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