About us

An Eye-Candy Innovation takes lead in OOH Media

We are an on-demand ad-tech company where we work with multiple transportation modes such as cars, motorcycles and lorries to carry Advertisers’ brand.

We connect Advertisers to target clients with relevant, interactive, engaging and contextual advertisements. Best of all, we provide data and report for every campaign which allows advertisers to monitor their campaign's performance.

It’s an engagement adventure

Our doors are always open for any sort of strategic partnerships. If you have any ideas or business proposals, please drop us a line.

How does Rodeo Advertising benefit everyone?

Rodeo connects passengers with great real-time and offers and also making the journey fun and memorable.

Drivers are able to earn additional income by becoming partnering with Rodeo.

Advertisers can encourage better purchasing decisions of their target audience by delivering real-time deals, contextual ads, and monitoring campaign's performance.

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